Barclays adds digital receipts to mobile app

Barclays digital receipts on mobile phone
ITEMISED: Barclays customers will get a digital receipt for debit card purchases from participating merchants

Barclays bank account holders in the UK can now automatically receive an itemised digital receipt in their banking app every time they use their debit card to make an in-store or online purchase from a retailer or food outlet that has signed up to support the service.

In addition to monitoring their purchases, the service enables customers to generate a barcode to share with a retailer as proof of purchase if they need to return an item to a store.

Customers opt in to the service by selecting a digital receipts option in their app. Those who have not yet done so will receive a prompt each time they make a purchase from a participating merchant.

Merchants supporting the service at launch include retailers H&M and Schuh, as well as KFC, Just Eat, Itsu, Pure and Papa John’s food outlets.

“We’re adding new [merchants] all the time,” Barclays says.

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