Kroger to pilot self-checkout only grocery store in Dallas

Kroger grocery shop front
DALLAS PILOT: Shoppers will be able to self-checkout at Kroger’s Cedar Spring Road supermarket

US supermarket chain Kroger is to pilot its first all self-checkout grocery store in Dallas, Texas, enabling customers to scan and pay for their purchases without needing to go through a cashier-staffed checkout lane.

“Signs are up at the store alerting customers to the coming changes and to remind customers they can still scan coupons. Kroger’s signs also promote the use of its mobile wallet,” the Dallas Morning News reports.

The store on the city’s Cedar Springs Road will also be equipped with “wide-belted self-checkouts [that] can accommodate large-volume purchases” and “will still have cashiers and courtesy clerks to help customers” who need assistance.

“Kroger has implemented security measures to optimise the safety of the store and decrease possible criminal activity such as theft or fraud,” the retailer’s April Martin told the publication.

Kroger is also testing a smart self-checkout cart at a store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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