Dayton RTA adds account-based ticketing to mobile transit app

Dayton RTA account-based mobile ticketing transit app
CAPPED FARES Passengers can now use a stored value account and make capped contactless fare payments

Public transportation users in the US state of Ohio’s Greater Dayton area can now use their mobile phone to make capped contactless fare payments from a stored value account, rather than having to purchase tickets or select a fare in advance.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA) has added account-based ticketing to its Tapp Pay service within the Transit Mobility-as-a-Service app, and has integrated fare capping technology which means passengers “will always be charged the best possible price for their journey”.

To use the service, passengers first need to create a Tapp Pay account via the Transit app and then add funds to their account using their credit or debit card or with cash at selected locations.

“With fare capping, customers will automatically be limited, or capped, in the amount they pay within a given timeframe once they have ridden enough times to accumulate the equivalent of a daily or 31-day monthly pass,” GDRTA says.

“This means no matter how many essential trips a customer takes throughout a given day or rolling 31-day period, they will never pay more than a daily or monthly pass, rewarding passengers the more they travel.”

“Cash digitisation is also now available to Tapp Pay customers who have a smartphone and want to pay with cash,” the transit authority adds.

“They can now simply purchase and load RTA passes to their Tapp Pay account at T-CETRA retail locations across the Dayton region.” 

A short video explains how the account-based ticketing and fare-capping service works:

GDRTA launched Tapp Pay as a mobile ticketing service that enabled passengers to purchase both regular and reduced fare passes in advance using the Transit app in June 2020.

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