Fiat Chrysler to let drivers order and pay for Grubhub food deliveries from their cars

Fiat Chrysler Uconnrect Market screenshot
IN-CAR TECH: Fiat Chrysler has added the Grubhub food ordering and delivery app to its connected platform

Owners of Fiat Chrysler vehicles equipped with the manufacturer’s Uconnect Market connected services platform will soon be able to order and pay for their favourite food and beverages from restaurants in 4,000 US cities via an app embedded in their in-vehicle touchscreen.

In addition to reordering past favourites for pick-up or delivery, users passing a restaurant they haven’t ordered from before will be able to tap a single on-screen button to request an emailed menu they can review when they are no longer driving.

The service is being introduced following the integration of the Grubhub food ordering and delivery app into the Uconnect Market platform that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) rolled out in June 2019.

“FCA vehicles are the first to feature the Grubhub app as part of their connected services offerings, allowing consumers to quickly and easily reorder past favourites while on the go,” says Xevo, the software provider that developed Uconnect Market with FCA.

“This partnership expands Uconnect Market’s safe transaction capabilities, allowing consumers to complete contactless transactions in a variety of areas, including food, fuel and parking, without touching shared surfaces.” 

“In-car technology and connected services are growing exponentially in the automotive industry and we have challenged ourselves to stay ahead of the curve with our powerful Uconnect 5 system,” FCA’s Alan D’Agostini adds.

“With the addition of Grubhub to Uconnect Market, FCA’s in-vehicle commerce platform, we offer our customers a convenient option to food ordering, adding to the positive connectivity experience.”

Uconnect Market is available in Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram models released since 2019.

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