Antelop launches secure customer authentication SDK

PARTNER NEWS: Antelop Solutions has launched a new SDK that lets banks quickly and easily provide their customers with a way to use their mobile phone as a trusted, multi-factor authentication device that complies with strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements under PSD2.

Antelop Solutions logo

The new Antelop SCA SDK natively manages a variety of customer authentication methods including PIN codes and biometrics, is certified for Visa, Mastercard, CB and EMVCo transactions, and is compatible with Android, iOS and Huawei devices.

“With both online and offline capabilities, it provides security mechanisms to secure communications between the application and the bank’s back-end or third-party servers,” the company says.

“It comes as already connected through its authentication platform to various card processors and ACS, so that banks can focus on UX with a generic secure solution.”

The solution covers all online banking and payments authentication use cases, Antelop says, including account access, 3DS authentication, credit transfers and P2P transactions, mobile contactless and QR payments, and both mobile and desktop TPP applications.

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