SBI Card integrates NFC payments into mobile app

SBI Card Mastercard holders in India can now make NFC payments at any contactless point-of-sale terminal from their mobile device after registering their credit card on the latest version of the payment service’s app.

SBI Card logo

Once a card is registered, users can complete payments of less than India’s contactless transaction limit of INR2,000 (US$26.94) simply by unlocking the screen of their mobile device and bringing it close to an NFC-enabled POS terminal.

Users will be able to make transactions greater than the INR2,000 limit by entering their card PIN to verify the payment.

The service is “the first-ever app of a credit card issuer in India” to use the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) tokenization platform, that enables in-store payments without actual card details being shared with merchants, Mastercard says.

NFCW’s list of contactless transaction limit increases during the Covid-19 pandemic is available here.

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