Payconiq rolls out cross-border QR mobile payments service in Europe

Digicash by Payconiq interoperable mobile payments app
CROSS-BORDER: Digicash and Payconiq users can now send money to other users in the Benelux countries

Users of Payconiq-supported mobile payment apps in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg can now make QR-enabled mobile payments and P2P transfers across all three Benelux countries.

The expansion of the cross-border payments service follows the integration of the Luxembourg-based Digicash by Payconiq app into “the first interoperable mobile payment platform in Europe” alongside other Payconiq-enabled payment and banking apps.

“Luxembourg users are now able to scan Payconiq QR codes at merchants or on invoices in Belgium and the Netherlands,” Payconiq explains.

“They can also send money to all Payconiq users, regardless of their country of residence.

“At the same time, Belgian and Dutch Payconiq users can scan Digicash QR codes and send money to Luxembourg users.”

The rollout also means that “Luxembourg merchants join the 90,000-merchant-strong Payconiq network and can accept payments from Payconiq users all over Benelux”, including those using “the Payconiq by Bancontact app, the Payconiq app or the Payconiq functionality available in the mobile banking apps of KBC and ING”.

The Benelux banks supporting Payconiq raised €20m to fund the platform’s further European expansion in July 2019.

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