Digital greeting cards giant Evite adds contactless gifting

Evite digital egift cards
FLEXIBLE: Evite customers can now add an eGift card to their digital greetings card

Senders of Evite digital greeting cards can now also send the recipient a gift card, via an integration with Blackhawk Network‘s eGift service.

This enables users to purchase eGift cards from a wide range of brands and retailers, including Amazon, Spotify, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Bloomingdale’s, H&M, Starbucks and Burger King.

“The eGift card options can be used by anyone who visits the Evite website, but hosts and guests using the platform can also conveniently access them in their invitations,” Evite says.

“Recipients have the flexibility to upload the eGift cards to a mobile wallet, redeem online, spend in a retailer’s app, or even print out for in-store, contactless scanning.”

“We’re seeing an almost 70% increase in eGift sales to consumers through our partners’ channels — before the peak holiday shopping season,” Blackhawk’s Brett Narlinger adds. 

“We expect the numbers to grow steadily through the remainder of the year and beyond.”

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