Huawei Pay goes live in Malaysia

Huawei Pay mobile wallet for NFC mobile payments
MOBILE WALLET: People in Malaysia can now pay with ICBC UnionPay credit card details stored on their NFC phones

Malaysian consumers with compatible Huawei smartphones can now use Huawei Pay to make NFC mobile payments with an ICBC UnionPay credit card stored in their mobile wallet.

Huawei has launched its payments service in Malaysia with UnionPay International and ICBC bank, enabling users to make contactless payments at terminals supporting UnionPay QuickPass.

“From 12 December 2020 until 12 March 2021, all ICBC UnionPay credit cardholders who register their cards with Huawei Pay can enjoy up to 50% cashback for every transaction with a minimum spending of RM20 (US$4.89),” according to Digital News Asia.

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