Walmart redesigns its stores for contactless shopping

Shopper using Walmart Scan & Go for contactless checkout
CONTACTLESS: Walmart shoppers can use Scan & Go and self-checkout kiosks in the new-design stores

US retail giant Walmart has unveiled a new store design that leverages mobile wayfinding and self-checkout kiosks to create “a digitally enabled shopping experience”.

“We’ve updated the Walmart signage on the exterior and interior of stores to reflect the Walmart app icon, creating an instant omni-shopping experience in the customer’s mind,” explains Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer.

“As customers enter the store, they are greeted with clean, colourful iconography and a store directory that encourages them to download and use the Walmart app while they shop,” the company says.

“Stores will include self-checkout kiosks as well as contactless payment solutions, including Walmart Pay, to limit contact between associates and customers. Select locations will also have Scan & Go to help customers manage their checkout directly.”

“We’ve tested the new concept in select stores and are excited by the initial feedback from customers and associates,” Whiteside adds.

“We’ll be rolling it out to more stores this fall and will continue to get customer and associate feedback and evolve the design accordingly. 

“By the end of this fiscal year, the experience will be in nearly 200 Supercenters as well as in select Health Centers and Neighborhood Markets, reaching close to 1,000 stores by next fiscal year.”

A video produced by Walmart showcases the new store design.

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