Austin lets drivers pay for parking through Google Maps

Google Maps pay to park in Austin on smartphone screens
METER-FREE: Motorists in Austin, Texas, can now use Google Pay to pay for parking via Google Maps

Motorists in Austin, Texas, in the US, can now use Google Pay to make payments for parking directly from Google Maps, removing the need for them to use a physical parking meter or ticketing machine or download a parking payment app.

Once they have found a space using Google Maps and are approaching their destination, drivers are given the option to pay with Google Pay.

They then enter the parking zone number, their vehicle details and how long they want to park for before confirming payment.

“By providing people [with] the ability to use applications they already have on their devices to pay for parking, people can get to the places they care about faster,” says Gina Fiandaca, Austin’s assistant city manager for mobility.

“We’re working hard to make it easier for Austin residents and visitors to use the parking system. This effort improves convenience while also reducing the need to physically touch parking meters or ticketing machines in light of the current global pandemic.”

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