Orange Bank introduces mobile-first debit card in Spain

Orange Bank digital debit card
MOBILE FIRST: The new Orange Bank debit cards come without a printed card number, CVC code or expiration date

Customers of Orange Bank in Spain will now be automatically issued with a digital debit card that they can use to instantly begin making mobile payments both online and in-store — and can also request a companion physical card that comes without a printed card number, CVC code or expiration date.

“Thanks to its digital nature, by becoming an Orange Bank customer, users can, from the Orange Bank app, immediately add their card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay and start operating quickly,” the bank says.

The companion physical cards “will increase the security of the clients, since the card number, the CVC code or the expiration date will not be shown and can only be viewed within the Orange Bank app after customer authentication,” it adds.

“Customers can optionally request the physical card, which will not have sensitive information and therefore will not generate the same concerns for users when it is lost or stolen as the rest of the cards on the market.

“In addition, the user will be able to manage their security preferences, as they do nowadays from the app, such as freezing or unfreezing their card, cancelling it if necessary, or controlling the spending limit.”

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