Visa to provide merchants with ‘Tap to pay preferred’ decals to promote contactless payments in stores

Visa branded cashless contactless merchant decals stickers
BEST PRACTICE: Visa is supplying merchants with signage to promote contactless payment

Visa has unveiled a series of ‘tap to pay preferred’, ‘we are now cashless’, ‘how to pay contactless’ and ‘tap to pay encouraged’ decals, POS terminal stickers and toppers, table tents and mats to promote the use of contactless payments in stores.

Both branded options and brand-agnostic options are being made available.

As well as the new signage and collateral to educate consumers, Visa says it is also “providing best practice guides and educational resources for merchant staff”.

“Many merchants in the US, such as Pizza Hut, Southeastern Grocers, Subway, Walgreens and Whole Foods, have already implemented tap-to-pay best practices at checkout,” the payments network reports.

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