Ahold Delhaize brings mobile self-checkout to US supermarkets

3 smartphone screens showing Ahold Delhaize scanit app
FRICTIONLESS: The ScanIt Mobile app enables shoppers to use their mobile phone to shop and self-checkout

Shoppers at 30 US supermarkets operated by Netherlands-based retail giant Ahold Delhaize will be able to use their mobile phone to scan items as they shop and then self-checkout and pay by the end of this year.

The merchant’s Retail Business Services (RBS) division is using the company’s proprietary ScanIt Mobile solution to offer the service to customers.

Two shopping options are available: one based on a ScanIt Mobile handheld device that can be picked up at the front of stores and one that uses the shoppers’ own mobile phone throughout.

“For customers shopping with a mobile device, a wallet and payment option is incorporated into Retail Business Services’ ScanIt Mobile application,” RBS explains.

“A customer shops the store, scanning product bar codes with their mobile phone. At the completion of the shop, the customer simply exits the store through a designated checkout lane, a ‘payment approved’ message appears as the customer walks through and the customer is charged for purchases.”

For those using the handheld device, meanwhile, “the customer uses the scanning device to shop and can transfer the session over to a smartphone for a frictionless checkout.

“In the same way as a customer scanning with a mobile phone does, a customer utilizing a handheld scanning device transfers the session to a mobile phone and exits the store through a designated checkout lane.”

“For further ease of payment, services such as PayPal, Venmo, Apply Pay and Google Pay are also integrated into the wallet, enabling the customer to link information from these popular payment platforms,” RBS adds.

“ScanIt Mobile in-store frictionless checkout and payment is now being used by two local brands of Ahold Delhaize USA — Stop & Shop and Giant/Martin’s at its new Giant Heirloom Markets,” RBS says.

“Use of the technology is projected to continue to expand in 2020 and beyond.”

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