7-Eleven brings mobile self-checkout to New York stores

7-11 graphic of mobile phone with person leaning against it
QUEUE-FREE: New Yorkers can self-checkout and pay in 7-Eleven stores using a phone app

Shoppers at 7-Eleven stores in New York can now use their mobile phones to self-checkout and pay for their purchases, the convenience store giant has announced.

“Mobile Checkout takes convenience to the next level, letting customers in New York City skip the checkout line and pay for their purchases using the 7-Eleven app,” the retailer says.

“This new frictionless shopping experience is integrated into the 7Rewards loyalty program, and customers can automatically earn and redeem any available 7Rewards points or coupons as well as in-store promotions.”

“Mobile Checkout works on both Android and iOS devices and is available for most 7-Eleven merchandise that has a barcode,” it adds.

“Some items still require cashier assistance — financial services and age-verified products such as alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets. All payment transactions can be made securely through debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.”

To use the service, customers first need to download the latest version of the retailer’s app. When shopping at a participating 7-Eleven store, they open the app, tap ‘Get Started’ and then scan the barcode on the items they select to add them to their basket.

When they have completed their shopping, they check out on their mobile phone. Once payment has been made, a QR code is displayed in the app that they scan at a confirmation station to confirm they have paid for their purchases.

“A tone lets the cashier know a customer has used the Mobile Checkout feature to make a purchase,” 7-Eleven says.

The New York launch follows a pilot that has been running in 14 stores in Dallas, USA, since November 2018. The convenience store giant also opened a cashless, self-checkout store in Melbourne, Australia, in May.

“Customers are given lots of options when they walk into a 7-Eleven store, from product assortment and customisation all the way to payment methods,” says Gurmeet Singh, 7-Eleven’s chief digital, information and marketing officer.

“Mobile Checkout is just one more way we can make someone’s day a little easier and give 7-Eleven customers a convenient checkout alternative to waiting in line during a store’s busiest times of day.”

“Our customers use their smartphone for all kinds of activities that save them precious time,” Singh adds. “Now, with the Mobile Checkout feature, customers can control their entire 7-Eleven shopping experience.”

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