Decathlon to introduce scan and go to all stores in the Netherlands

Smartphone showing Decathlon app
MOBILE CHECKOUT: Decathlon’s Scan & Go app also disables RFID security tags as items are purchased

Customers at sporting goods retailer Decathlon in the Netherlands who don’t want to line up at a physical checkout can now simply scan their goods, pay and leave — without setting off alarms — thanks to the introduction of a mobile self-checkout solution.

The retailer plans to roll out the self-checkout system to all stores in the country, starting with branches in Rotterdam’s Alexandrium shopping centre and in Eindhoven.

By using the Scan & Go app in Decathlon stores customers can pick up a product, scan the barcode to read product information and then pay for their items with their smartphone using any major credit or debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal.

The RFID security tag attached to the item is then disabled, allowing the customer to leave the store.

“We have integrated with the RFID security tags on Decathlon’s products and, thanks to our patent-pending technology, we can automatically disable the RFID security on individual items that have been purchased,” David Grenham, vice president of marketing at supplier Mishipay, told NFCW.

The shopper is then able to exit the store after payment without triggering security alarms.

In April, Decathlon added RFID tags to products at its first US store, allowing customers to use an RFID-enabled mobile checkout station to scan all the items in a physical basket and transfer them to a virtual shopping basket on their phone.

And MediaMarktSaturn, Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer, piloted its Saturn Smartpay app in its Hamburg city centre store last December.

This also used MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout solution, but the firm built it so users could use MediaMarktSaturn’s app to scan product barcodes or NFC shelf tags to retrieve product information, and then pay using a number of payment methods.

Shoppers then proceeded to a fast checkout area for the removal of any hard security on items, explained Grenham.

A short (and silent) video shows MishiPay’s mobile checkout solution for MediaMarktSaturn in action:

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