Mobile payments for online purchases set to rise across the UK

UK ecommerce figures
FURTHER GROWTH: eMarketer’s figures forecast a rise in UK ecommerce sales through smartphones

Nearly six in 10 (58.6%) UK digital buyers aged 14 and over will make retail ecommerce purchases using their smartphone this year, research released by eMarketer predicts, with retail ecommerce sales through smartphones set to reach £16.42bn (US$22.16bn) in 2017.

“As a result, smartphones will be the conduit for 46.5% of the UK’s total retail mcommerce sales, which also include purchases made using tablets,” the company says. “This year’s smartphone commerce tally will be up 45.7% from a strong 2016, when sales grew by 66% — an expansion more than triple the 18% growth seen for UK retail ecommerce overall last year.

“2017’s gain will continue that trend, outpacing an anticipated 14.5% increase in overall retail ecommerce sales. In total, the UK retail ecommerce market is set to exceed £81.55bn (US$110.07bn) in 2017, of which £35.31 (US$47.66bn) will come from mobile commerce.”

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