Crédit Agricole adds HCE mobile payments in France through Dejamobile

Dejamobile ReadyToTap
NEW ADDITION: French bank Crédit Agricole’s mobile app now incorporates HCE mobile payments

PARTNER NEWS: Customers of French bank Crédit Agricole can now make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments using a new version of the bank’s mobile app ‘Ma Carte’ and Paylib, an online payment acceptance brand supported by France’s main banks.

DejamobileThe service “allows, among other things, the Crédit Agricole customers to pay in-store via the NFC function of their Android smartphone,” says technology provider and mobile payments specialist Dejamobile. “They just need to put their smartphone on the point of sale terminal to pay for purchases.

“This solution is not limited to €20 (US$22) unlike the contactless card — therefore it allows customers to spend higher amounts securely. For smartphones equipped with this feature, the user authentication is performed using the fingerprint sensor. The ‘Ma Carte’ app can also be used at checkout for online purchases on websites accepting Paylib.”

The HCE function has been built using Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment solution — which has been selected by Crédit Agricole Payment Services — which gives “ergonomic and innovative customer experience and is protected by the highest security standards.”

Deployment options

“The Dejamobile HCE platform is modular and allows banks to choose the best deployment configuration to suit their needs,” Dejamobile’s vice president of business development Lorcan Burke told NFC World.

“On the device side, a bank can choose to implement a full mobile wallet from Dejamobile or to enhance its current mobile application using the Dejamobile SDK as Crédit Agricole did with ‘Ma Carte’. We are very excited to be working with the number one retail bank in France, which has 21m private customers.”

“The large majority of tier one banks in France have made the choice to launch a mobile payment service within their own applications and under the Paylib brand,” says Dejamobile CEO Houssem Assadi. “This will have a mass effect and we can expect a fast growth of customer adoption in the following months.”

“Besides, it indicates the strategic wish of the largest French retail banks to keep control on the customer relationship when it comes to payment, as most of them haven’t chosen to deploy any X-Pay services yet,” Assadi adds.