Apple Pay sees double-digit growth, ties with PayPal

Apple Pay sees double-digit growth, ties with PayPal — Branding Brand — “New shopping data from Branding Brand shows in-app purchases with Apple Pay increased 17% from March 2017 to April 2017… When asked to rank their favorite in-app payment systems, PayPal and Apple Pay tied for first place. Overall, 70% of Apple Pay users want more retailers to offer the service.”

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  1. I have a slight preference for Apple Pay over PayPal but it is not nearly as strong as my preference for either over entering my credit card number on a merchant site. I will not do business with online merchants that do not offer a proxy like Apple Pay or PayPal.

    Apple Pay implements strong authentication by default and it is marginally easier to use than the strong authentication options offered by PayPal.

    Card not present fraud is not as serious a problem for consumers as it is for merchants but it is bad enough.

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