Germany slowly catching up on mobile payments

More than one in ten German mobile phone users (11.4%) will make a “proximity mobile payment by tapping, swiping or checking in with that device” while in a store in 2017, compared to 20.5% in the US, research released by eMarketer reveals.

“Several factors have inhibited take up of both mcommerce and proximity payments in Germany,” said principal analyst Karin von Abrams. “The history of purchasing with cash or invoice is key, though credit cards are increasingly widespread and many digital shoppers are becoming accustomed to using a card online.

“Consumers in Germany also tend to be more concerned about data privacy and digital security than their counterparts in other Western European countries, or in the US. That concern affects mobile and proximity payments in particular.”

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  1. Primary problem is that we dont have real Payment Providers… no Samsung Pay, no Apple Pay na even no Android Pay… so how should we Pay mobile? 😉

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