What’s New in Payments: Leading international innovators explain the latest payments trends and technologies in free special report

What's New in Payments
EXPERT ANALYSIS: Report contains real-world experience from the cutting edge of payments

Senior executives from Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Barclaycard, Swatch and CaixaBank are among 12 leading payments innovators who have contributed to What’s New in Payments, a 104-page special report that is now available to download free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre. Topics covered range from blockchain payments to AI, chatbots, wearables, the IoT, tokenization, HCE and mobile payments.

This special report from the NFC World team includes in-depth technical articles, thought pieces, lessons learned by early adopters, Q&As and more, all contributed by experts with real-world experience at the cutting edge of payments.

  • Jean-Noël Georges, global program director at Frost & Sullivan, explains how blockchain will disrupt the payments industry
  • Barclaycard’s managing director of future payments Nick Kerigan and director of future payments Sanjaya Shrestha discuss how conversational commerce will shape the way we pay
  • Meysam Moradpour, Pizza Hut’s director of digital ventures, explains how the Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of Commerce
  • Srinivas Nidugondi, head of mobile financial solutions at Mahindra Comviva, sets out how the Indian government’s demonetisation initiative is setting the standard for a future without cash
  • Swatch’s creative director Carlo Giordanetti answers questions on the company’s NFC-enabled Swatch Bellamy and the future of wearable payments
  • Nordea Bank’s Liisa Kanniainen provides readers with detailed insight into the new European PSD2 and GDPR regulations, and what they mean for the future role of banks
  • Rob Macmillan from Proxama explains how tokenization works and the key role the technology will play in expanding the world of commerce as we move towards the Internet of Things
  • Antelop Solutions presents ‘HCE & Tokenization: Perspectives on Security for NFC mobile payments’, a white paper that makes the case for putting security at the heart of HCE projects
  • Jos van de Kerkhof, senior product manager for ABN Amro’s mobile wallet, shares the lessons learned by the Dutch bank in its multi-year search for the right mobile payments solution
  • Matteo Fermi, head of mobile at CaixaBank Payments, sets out why the Spanish bank believes that mobile payments are the best way to add value to traditional banking services in a mobile world
  • Jan Nezbeda, innovation manager at CSOB, explains how the Czech bank went about implementing its HCE mobile payments service — and why the next step is to design a mobile app for the entire shopping experience
  • Steve Flanagan, director of marketing at Starbucks Europe, answers questions on Starbucks and the future of mobile payments.

“Emerging payments technologies are creating both opportunities and threats for those responsible for ensuring a merchant or financial institution’s digital offerings can meet the needs of today’s increasingly connected consumer,” says Rian Boden, editor of What’s New in Payments.

What's New in Payments editor Rian Boden
SERIOUS LESSONS: Rian Boden has sought out leading payment innovators to share their insights with our readers

“Just as we’re beginning to get comfortable with mobile payments a new era is dawning as the arrival of blockchain, conversational commerce and the Internet of Things promises to propel us into the next phase of the payments revolution.

“In the meantime, early adopters of cloud-based mobile payments are finding there is so much more to deploying a successful NFC payments service than they initially anticipated — and there have been some serious lessons to be learned along the way.

“For this special report we’ve sought out leading payments innovators willing to share their insights and firsthand experiences with NFC World readers — and a huge thank you goes out to every one of them for providing their knowledge and expertise, and for taking the time to contribute to this first edition of What’s New in Payments.”

Readers can find out more about What’s New in Payments and download the report free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

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