Apple Pay targets US retail and transport expansion

Apple Pay is now accepted by 35% of US retailers, representing about 4m locations across the country, Apple VP Jennifer Bailey has revealed during the Re/code Code Commerce event in San Francisco.

Apple PaySquare CEO Jack Dorsey announced alongside Bailey that Apple Pay support will be integrated into the Square Cash P2P mobile payments app.

The deal will enable users to add money stored on Square’s virtual card to their Apple Wallet and make payments anywhere Apple Pay is accepted, Re/code reports.

Bailey also revealed more than 1m customers are already active on Apple Pay in Japan, Re/code reports, with those using the mobile payment service to pay for transit being three times more active in the first week of launch than traditional credit and debit card users.

She told the conference they could “expect us to do more in transit”.

The mobile payments service launched in Japan in October 2016, enabling local iPhone and Apple Watch users to make purchases in stores and on public transport services that support the widely used Sony FeliCa-based Japanese NFC payments system.

Meanwhile, Apple is setting its sights on some of the biggest retailers over the next year, including Gap, in an attempt to increase its 35% retail coverage, The Verge adds.

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  1. 4M up from 200k in a little over 2 years. From a handful,of devices and banks to millions of devices and hundreds of cooperating banks and credit unions.

    Convenience, convenience, and security. Of course, whatever the numbers, they tend to be presented as a terminal state and far below the numbers required for “consumer acceptance” or “success.”

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