mBeaconVend enables mobile vending machine payments

COIN DROP: No need to search for change at vending machines accepting mobile payments

Consumers will soon be able to make Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based mobile payments at vending machines integrated with mBeaconVend, the latest range of devices unveiled by smart beacon provider Netclearance. The new technology is based on the company’s mBeaconPay mobile payment solution.

mBeaconVend will enable customers to wave their mobile phone over the beacon device to be shown the purchase amount before confirming the transaction on-screen.

“In seconds, a purchase is made without having to rummage around for the right coins in your pocket or having to carry a payment card,” the company explains. “The smart beacon also supports a range of mobile phone platforms regardless of make, model or operating system.

“mBeaconVend is cost effective as it integrates with existing vending machine multidrop bus (MDB) technology, making it relatively easy to swap out the existing coin box on machines with the smart beacon. The mBeaconVend is compatible with popular beacon profiles such as iBeacon or Eddystone and this opens up a wide range of mobile app interactions and avenues for proximity advertising.”

“Payments made through the mBeaconVend can use either BLE or WiFi and it is available internationally,” Netclearance confirmed to NFC World.

“The vending machine industry has been slow to capitalise on the growing cashless economy in the UK, with the vast majority of machines still relying on cash-only transactions,” says Jonathan Duffy, EMEA executive director at Netclearance.

“The need to carry loose change in your pocket to use a vending machine will soon be consigned to history. With ever-increasing numbers paying by card, it is natural that traditionally cash-only devices such as vending machines will follow the payments revolution that is happening in retail and become cashless.”

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