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Most Brits want contactless payments on familiar wearables

More than two thirds of UK consumers (67%) who use contactless payments would prefer the function to be added to something they already own or wear, rather than purchase a brand new wearable payment device, research released by Barclaycard reveals.

BarclaycardWatches top the list of items that British consumers would most like to adapt for contactless payments with 62%, followed by inherited jewelry (21%) and wedding rings (19%). The top ten is rounded out by dog leashes, sweaters, sunglasses, hats, cufflinks, handbags and grandad’s pocket watch.

42% of contactless payment users are put off by the expense of wearable devices, and 39% are dissuaded if it is too bulky, 35% if it is too large. A quarter of the 1,200 surveyed favor wearables that suit or can be adapted to their personal style.

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