Samsung to ease online payments with new app

Samsung is to launch a smartphone app in South Korea that will make it easier for consumers to make online payments using Samsung Pay, ETNews reports. “Samsung is commercialising a separate application called Samsung Pay Mini in June to strengthen online payments,” the publication says. “Samsung has designed it so that cards can be registered in it and be used for online shopping malls or online stores. Samsung Card, Lotte Card and Hana Card already decided to participate.”

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  1. Mobile can improve online security, i.e., card not present, which EMV does not address. The brands excused the very late introduction of EMV In part in that, not only did it not address card not present, it would drive fraud to online.

    Merchants can easily protect themselves from online fraud by not accepting credit cards but only proxies like Amazon and PayPal. If the merchant does not at least include the proxies, then it becomes difficult for consumers to protect themselves.

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