Analyst predicts exceptional growth for Apple Pay due to secure element approach

Apple Pay will experience greater success than Android Pay and will “grow exceptionally based on a belief that Apple Pay using a Secure Enclave/secure element inside of iOS has an advantage over Android Pay’s host card emulation (HCE) in that it’s more secure, with a similar user experience,” according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. “We believe that Apple Pay will offer the most seamless payment experience on iOS regardless of whether its in-app, in-browser or in-store,” Barron’s reports Munster as saying.

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  1. I agree that, at least theoretically, Apple enjoys a security advantage over Android. I am less certain that it translates into a market advantage. Is the average mobile buyer able to appreciate the subtle difference.

    Android exists in part as a result of the reaction of the geeks to a closed, even if more secure, system. While the security experience for iOS users has been very good, particularly when compared to personal computers, and while Android is fundamentally more vulnerable to application to application interference, even the Android experience has been better than Windows.

    Nice people do not give Android to the elderly and small children, but the Windows generation is likely to see it as an improvement.

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