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Gemalto assesses the mobile payments landscape

Gemalto white paper

A 24-page white paper designed to give banks, processors, OEMs, retailers and other issuers a clear overview of the world of mobile payments is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

‘Digital payments go mobile’ has been produced by digital security giant Gemalto and aims to help issuers choose the best approach to deploying mobile payments within their existing infrastructure.

It begins by identifying the stakeholders in the digital payment ecosystem before describing the range of payment technologies and security frameworks available. It also looks in detail at different credential management technologies, including tokenization, trusted execution environments (TEE) and host card emulation (HCE) and evaluates the strengths and suitability of different mobile payment methods.

The paper concludes by examining the deployment options available to key players in the industry, from banks to mobile network operators and retailers.

“The digital payments landscape is complex and continually evolving,” Gemalto says. “Multiple digital payment solutions will coexist. It’s not only about security. It’s also about convenience, brand impact, deployment feasibility and end-user reach.”

“The goal is to assess and compare the merits of all the leading options, being as objective and unbiased as possible,” the company adds. “A variety of mobile payment approaches can and will coexist as we move forward and Gemalto’s aim is to deliver the right solution for you.”

Readers can download the white paper free of charge here.

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