Shell UK rolls out PayPal mobile payments at the pump

Shell service station
GETTING MOBILE: Drivers can make mobile payments on the go at Shell UK service stations

Motorists at oil and gas company Shell UK service stations can now make mobile payments at the pump using their Shell Motorist app and PayPal account. The move follows the announcement of the company’s plans to roll out the service across the “vast majority” of its 1,000 UK locations earlier this year.

“When you next want to fill up at a Shell station, simply drive into the forecourt and stop at your selected pump,” Shell UK explains.

“From inside your car, open the Shell Motorist app and tap Fill Up & Go. Once the service starts, choose how much you want to spend — from £20 to £150. Stay in your car and scan the QR code displayed at the pump. The app will activate the pump and you’re ready to refill.

“Leaving your phone safely in the car, start filling up. Before you reach your maximum fuel spend limit, the pump will stop dispensing automatically. Once you’ve finished, simply return to your car. The app will confirm the purchase and you can continue your journey. We’ll also email a receipt to you for your records.”

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