Barclaycard launches second generation bPay wearable payment devices

Barclaycard's second-generation bPay wristband will be joined by a keyfob and a sticker
NEW RANGE: The second-generation bPay wristband will be joined by a keyfob and a sticker

Barclaycard has unveiled a second generation of its bPay wristbands and is to add contactless-enabled keyfobs and stickers to the range of bPay devices that will be made available for purchase on 1 July.

The bPay Band was launched in June 2014 at the Pride in London and British Summer Time events in Hyde Park before being discontinued in March this year. Consumers will be able to purchase the new devices online and in-store with the wristband costing £24.99 (US$39), the bPay fob £19.99 (US$31) and the sticker £14.99 (US$23).

“bPay will consist of a digital wallet that is linked to one of three devices — a wristband, fob and sticker — and used to pay for transactions up to the value of £20, rising to £30 when the contactless payment limit is increased in September, at over 300,000 locations across the UK,” the bank says.

“Available to anyone with a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, not just Barclaycard and Barclays customers, users will be able to add funds to their wallet on the go using the mobile app, online through a brand new portal, or set their account to top-up automatically when their balance falls below a pre-set level.

“Anyone over the age of 12 can use bPay”

“The new online portal and multi-platform app will allow bPay users to manage their device and account wherever they are. The intelligent app will allow users to view their transactions in real-time, transfer funds to their digital wallet on the go and manage each of their devices’ settings.

“The wallet and devices will be free to use, with no transaction, usage or top-up fees for consumers, including when used abroad. Anyone over the age of 12 can use bPay.”

“We’re in the midst of a sweeping change in the way we pay, with cash-dominated transactions being replaced by touch and go contactless technology that has made it easier, safer and faster to make low-value payments,” says Mike Saunders, managing director of digital consumer payments at Barclaycard.

“The launch of our bPay band last year was an evolutionary step for the business, with highly positive customer feedback. People told us they are looking for new ways to pay that offer greater flexibility and choice and fit better with different lifestyles.

“So, we’re building on this success with our expanded bPay proposition and have produced a range of wearable products that you can use to pay for everything in your day, from travelling to work and grabbing a coffee, to buying your lunch or picking up groceries from the supermarket.”

Barclaycard’s bPay online store will open on 1 July, with iOS and Android companion apps being available to download from Monday 6 July. Owners of first-generation bPay bands have been offered a free upgrade to the newer version, and the bank has emailed recipients to tell them the devices are “being prepped and checked” and should be delivered by 14 July.

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