Intelligent Environments replaces PINs with emoji passcodes

Intelligent Environments Emoji Passcode
SMILEY FACE: With 44 emojis to choose from, nearly 3.5m combinations are available

Software provider Intelligent Environments has launched an emoji-only passcode system that lets consumers log into their bank’s mobile app using four emoji characters instead of traditional PINs.

Emoji Passcode has been integrated into Intelligent Environments’ Android digital banking app and the company is currently in discussion with banks that are considering rolling the technology out to their customers within the next 12 months.

“The user can opt for an Emoji Passcode from a grid of 44 emojis instead of the usual choice of 10 digits,” the company explains. “Four emojis in a row can be remembered as a story. And a story is far easier to remember than a random set of numbers.”

With 44 emojis to choose from, nearly 3.5m combinations are available for users compared to just 7,290 using traditional four-digit PIN numbers. The system will also prevent hackers from identifying common and easily obtainable numeric passcodes, like a date of birth or wedding anniversary, the company adds.

“The strength of a passcode comes from the number of different combinations of characters that are possible — the more possible combinations there are, the harder hackers have to work to crack a code. The Emoji Passcode is more memorable than a normal passcode because it’s designed for the way our brains work rather than in spite of it; it’s easier to remember and harder to crack.”

A video shows Emoji Passcode in action:

“We’ve had input from lots of millennials when we developed the technology,” says David Webber, managing director at Intelligent Environments. “What’s clear is that the younger generation is communicating in new ways.

“Our research shows 64% of millennials regularly communicate only using emojis. So, we decided to reinvent the passcode for a new generation by developing the world’s first emoji security technology.”

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  1. This emoji idea alone will not make so good a solution to the password problem but it could be good as an additional option when expanding the password systems to include images.

    Anyway, it appears that what have been around commercially for more than a dozen years is now being re-invented. Such a story-involved picture password has, for instance, long been a component of Expanded Password System shown at

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