Google to trial hands-free mobile payments

Google has announced it will pilot a new payment service in the San Francisco Bay area later this year that will let users make hands-free, in-store mobile payments without having to get their phone out of their pocket. The service is to be trialled at McDonald’s and Papa John’s outlets.

Google Few details on how the service will work on a technical level have been released by Google, but it says Hands Free is “a new app that will allow you to make in-store payments without ever reaching for your phone or wallet”.

“Imagine paying for things without lifting a finger. No digging around for cash, credit cards or loose change. Just tell the cashier you’d like to pay with Google and you’re good to go,” the company explains.

“When you make a purchase, your full card details will not be shared with stores. Once you complete a purchase, you’ll receive an instant notification right on your phone. We’ll also alert you to any unusual activity so you can go hands-free and be worry-free.”

A video shows a demonstration of the Hands Free service:

“We are rolling out a preview in select San Francisco Bay area stores later this year,” the company adds. “It is not yet available to the general public.”

The announcement follows the unveiling of Google’s Android Pay NFC-based mobile payments solution at the company’s I/O event last week.

UPDATED More details on Google Hands Free are now available here.

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  1. nice move.. however why do I still need smartphone to pay for anything.. my body is my id… just use tango project to id user… let him topup credit via internet and he is safe and still will be able to buy things and walking like a tree men 😉

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