Yandex offers mobile payments at 1,300 Ukraine fuel stations

Ukrainian drivers can now pay for fuel at more than 1,300 outlets across the country using a mobile payment service launched by Russian internet company Yandex, in partnership with PrivatBank and MasterCard.

YandexTo use the service, the driver links a payment card from any registered bank in the country to the Yandex.Refueling app. On arrival, they select the fuel station from a list of available locations in the app, enter the pump number and the type of fuel they require.

After specifying the amount they want to pay or the quantity of fuel needed, they confirm the transaction. Once the payment is made, the selected pump will unlock and allow the driver to refuel.

“Currently, it’s opened at 1,306 petrol stations in Ukraine and the number of stations continues to grow,” PrivatBank told NFC World. “The end-of-the-year plan is to increase the number of stations to 2,000.

“Also, for each transaction customers make using this service they will get a special bonus back, which is a certain percentage of the payment amount. For example, if I put 40 litres into the car, I will be credited 40 Hryvnia (US$1.88) into my bonus account — about 5% of the amount of filling.”

“Innovative technologies and solutions help create a world without cash; this project is proof,” says Sergey Francisco, of MasterCard Europe in Ukraine. “Using Yandex.Refueling, Ukrainians will be able to pay for fuel through a mobile app not yet available in other markets.”

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