KFC serves up mobile payments in Ghana

Mobile payments being made for meals at a KFC fast-food outlet in Accra, Ghana
FINGER TAPPIN’ GOOD: Free piece of chicken on offer for Airtel Money users at Accra KFC

KFC is letting customers use their phones to pay for meals through mobile network operator Airtel’s mobile money platform in five of the fast-food chain’s stores in Accra, Ghana.

“The process is quite simple,” the carrier explained to NFC World. “Customers can conveniently pay for their meals by following the prompts on their Airtel Money menu. There are also ‘table talkers’ at all point-of-sale counters.

“The process is as follows; dial *500#, select ‘Buy Goods’, select ‘Other’, type the nickname of the KFC branch, enter amount, enter your name as the reference number, confirm payment details with your Airtel Money PIN.”

“The salespersons at each counter have been trained to assist customers to pay for their meal with Airtel Money,” the carrier added.

“All KFC branches have been equipped with a point-of-sale system used specifically for Airtel Money transactions. The system also issues a receipt after a successful transaction.”

The launch of the service is being pushed with a KFC Airtel Money promotion; an extra piece of chicken is being given for a limited time to anyone that uses Airtel Money to pay for a Streetwise 3 meal.

“Partnering with KFC is a great feat for us,” says Lucy Quist, managing director of Airtel Ghana. “What this means is that we are growing and expanding Airtel Money’s merchant ecosystem.”

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