Burger King puts mobile payments in the fast lane

Opentabs lane at a Burger King restaurant in Germany
FASTER FOOD: Burger King customers using Opentabs collect orders from special fast lanes

Burger King has begun testing a mobile payments service in Germany that allows customers to place and pay for orders using their mobile phone and then use designated fast lanes at participating restaurants to collect their orders.

The service makes use of a platform provided by startup Opentabs and is currently live in 17 locations across Germany.

“When a customer places an order via the app, he receives an order number which he has to show the Burger King employee to receive his products,” the fast food chain explained to NFC World. “The order number is shown in the app.

“To collect the order, the guest has to use the Opentabs fast lanes which have been installed in the participating restaurants. If you place an order for the first time, you can choose your favourite payment method, you can either choose debit or credit card.

“You can assign a personal PIN code to prevent abuse of the app. All upcoming orders can be confirmed with this PIN code, so you don’t have to type in your payment details over and over again.”

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