White paper explores the benefits of host card emulation

Bell ID's host card emulation white paper

A new white paper that explores how host card emulation (HCE) can overcome the challenges faced by service providers when implementing secure NFC services is now available to download from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

Host Card Emulation: NFC’s Missing Link” sets out the benefits that HCE can offer over traditional NFC implementations that make use of a secure element on the user’s mobile device. It also explains the differences between Pure HCE and Hybrid HCE, the two main options available to service providers today.

The document, which has been produced by Bell ID, suggests that mobile network operators could take advantage of HCE “to immediately expand their capabilities, proposition and revenues in the NFC industry.”

“As well as delivering alternative payment technologies, HCE may also encourage MNOs to cooperate on hybrid solutions which are less onerous to implement,” the paper explains. “This will accelerate the development of NFC services and may be the catalyst needed to deliver the benefits of this contactless technology both to the industry and the consumers they serve.”

You can download this document from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre here.

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