JCB to launch NFC payments in 2015

Japan-based payments network JCB is to begin testing a contactless payments service in Tokyo this month, ahead of a commercial rollout in 2015. “In addition to plastic cards, J/Speedy can be issued for a wide variety of devices, including mobile and wearable devices,” JCB says.

JCB International

The service conforms to EMV standards, the network adds. “International NFC payment protocols make it possible to enable J/Speedy acceptance around the world, while EMV technology ensures highly secure payment transaction.”

“Existing JCB contactless payment solutions include Quicpay using Felica technology for Japan and a J/Speedy solution for Taiwan domestic use only. The new J/Speedy solution is an upgrade of the Taiwan specs to support a cross border transaction.”

“As card payment markets develop in emerging economies in Asia and smartphones become widespread, the need for contactless card and mobile payment is growing,” says JCB International’s Tac Watanabe. “We will continue to provide a wide variety of payment services through worldwide market, as well as build a payment infrastructure in Japan for inbound travellers.”

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