ABN Amro lets customers make cardless ATM withdrawals with their mobile phone

Woman making cardless ATM withdrawal using ABN Amro mobile banking app
CARDLESS CASH: Customers scan the QR code on the ATM to activate cash withdrawal in the banking app

Customers of ABN Amro in the Netherlands can now make contactless cash withdrawals from ATMs via their mobile banking app without needing to use their debit card.

To use the service, customers scan a QR code on the ATM with their Android or iOS smartphone to activate the function in the ABN Amro app.

Once they have verified their identity with their PIN code or fingerprint or face recognition, they can then select an account to withdraw money from and the amount they want to withdraw before confirming the transaction on their smartphone.

“Clients increasingly want to have all their payment solutions on their mobile phones,” says the bank’s director of payments Cynthia Tulp.

“With the ABN Amro app, they now withdraw cash without using their plastic card. Very useful if you’ve forgotten your card but want cash.”

ABN Amro customers can make cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs on the Geldmaat network.

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