Apple rolls out iOS 17 with support for music, games and contact sharing via NFC

Apple has rolled out iOS 17, the latest version of its iPhone operating system, bringing with it support for NameDrop, a new service that lets users swap contact details, share photos and videos, and use SharePlay to “stream supported content, listen to music, play games and more in sync with a friend by holding your iPhone close to your friend’s”.

Apple logo

“Hold your iPhone near someone else’s to swap phone numbers, email addresses and Contact Posters with NameDrop,” Apple says. “You can also initiate an AirDrop transfer, or start a SharePlay session, when you bring two phones close together.”

iPhone owners using NameDrop to share contact details see an on-screen glow emerge at the top of both devices to indicate a connection is being made when they are unlocked and brought into close proximity. A moment later NameDrop will appear on both screens, giving users the option to share their details with the other or receive only.

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