Translink lets school students use digital IDs to prove their eligibility for concessionary fares

Translink student digital ID enabling age verification for reduced public transport fares in Northern Ireland
DIGITAL ID: Students generate the Under 16 Travel ID on their smartphone using the Yoti app

School students aged 13 to 16 in Northern Ireland can now create and store a digital travelcard on their smartphone that they can use to purchase reduced fare bus and train tickets and prove their age to public transport staff.

Eligible users can generate public transport provider Translink’s digital Under 16 Travel ID credential in an app on their Apple or Android device by scanning a QR code to open an account, uploading their phone number and school email address, and verifying their identity by taking a selfie.

“Your selfie will be used to create your biometric key. When you take certain actions in the app, you will be asked to supply a selfie or a scan of your face. This will ensure that no one else is able to use the app to impersonate you,” Translink explains.

“The new student travelcard will be stored in the Yoti app,” the public transport provider adds.

“The app was designed to protect your personal data from being accessed or sold to third parties. Translink will not hold any of your personal data — photos, emails or phone numbers.

“Once security checks have been completed, your personal information cannot be forwarded to any businesses or individuals unless you choose to send them.”

Translink began rolling out interoperable fare-capped contactless ticketing across Northern Ireland in November 2022.

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