Toronto gets open loop contactless fare payments

Person using smartphone on a validator on a Toronto bus to make open loop contactless fare payment
OPEN LOOP: Toronto travellers can now make contactless fare payments using their mobile phone

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in Canada has added support for open loop contactless fare payments, enabling passengers travelling on streetcars, buses and Wheel-Trans para-transit vehicles in the city to pay fares with a tap of their physical or digital credit or debit card.

TTC has upgraded more than 8,700 card readers across its network to accept credit and debit card payments and reports that more than 59,000 journeys were paid for using the service in its first week of operation.

Passengers can still use TTC’s pre-loaded Presto transit card for fare payments and those who qualify for concessionary fares will need to continue using “a Presto card that has been set to deduct a youth, senior or Fare Discount Program fare”, TTC says.

A short video shows how the system works.

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