New York’s Omny system tops 1bn taps for contactless fare payments

Passengers using Omny contactless fare payment system on New York subway
TAP AND RIDE: Nearly half of all subway journeys are now made using Omny contactless fare payment

Passengers on New York’s subway and bus services have now tapped their contactless bank or transit card, smartphone or wearable device to pay fares using the Omny open loop fare payment system more than 1bn times since it launched in May 2019, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) reports.

Omny fare payments are now available at all of the city’s 472 subway stations as well as on 204 local and 31 express bus routes. They account for nearly half of all subway journeys with two million passengers tapping to pay with Omny every day, the MTA says.

The MTA reported in July 2021 that the total number of Omny fare payments had reached 100m with “more than 600,000 taps a day”.

The authority also announced that it is to install contactless Omny EMV card vending machines across the New York subway network in April this year.

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