Google rolls out Android 14 developer preview with credentials manager and passkeys support

google android 14 credential manager on smartphone screens
UNIFIED SIGN-IN: Android 14 Credential Manager API supports multiple sign-in methods

Google has released a developer preview of its Android 14 update that includes support for a credential manager API that allows app developers to simplify the sign-in interface and authentication process for end-users by aggregating multiple sign-in options.

The update preview also incorporates support for passkeys, a digital credential that Google rolled out as “a safer and easier replacement for passwords” in October 2022 and enables users to sign in to an account by using their fingerprint, face or PIN as they would when unlocking their device’s screen and without having to enter a username or password.

“Credential Manager supports multiple sign-in methods, such as username/password, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions (eg Sign-in with Google) in a single API, thus simplifying the integration for developers,” Android’s developers explain in a blog post.

“Furthermore, for users, Credential Manager unifies the sign-in interface across authentication methods, making it clearer and easier for users to sign in to apps, regardless of the method they choose.

“Credential Manager allows users to create passkeys and store them in Google Password Manager. Their passkeys will sync across all of their devices that are signed in to the same Google Account, allowing users to seamlessly sign in to apps that support passkeys across these devices.”

Android 14 is currently only available in developer preview and Google will begin to invite users to try the update “as we reach our beta releases”, the company says.

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