Opera chooses Antelop to enable NFC digital card payments for Dify users

Dify, an in-browser digital wallet with cashback, now offers an NFC digital debit card in Google Pay thanks to Opera's partnership with Antelop
FINTECH: Dify, an in-browser digital wallet with cashback, now offers an NFC digital debit card in Google Pay thanks to Opera’s partnership with Antelop

PARTNER NEWS: Opera has selected Antelop Solutions as a long-term digital payments partner, enabling users of its new Dify in-browser cashback and digital wallet app to activate a Dify digital debit card in Google Pay and use it to make NFC payments in stores.

Opera, one of the world’s leading internet browser providers with 380m monthly active users globally, is using Antelop’s Issuer TSP Hub that lets card issuers easily enable contactless mobile payments and offer a seamless fully digital-first payments service.

Antelop’s Mastercard MDES-certified ISTP Hub allows Dify to provide customers with an instantly tokenized digital card that can be directly added to Google Pay via push provisioning.

Opera has launched Dify in beta as a cashback service for online shopping and standalone wallet app with a current account and Mastercard debit card in Spain and plans to roll it out in other European countries.

“Digital cards are leading the way now. They are what users expect. Partnering with Antelop has been key for Dify as it allows our users to instantly activate our card in Google Pay for NFC payments,” says Sebastien Piolat, Opera’s director of fintech business development.

“With experience of more than 25 years in building browsers, Opera has a track record of delivering superior, digital-first online experiences. Our work with Antelop helps us deliver such experiences to our fintech audience.”

“Opera is an established browser brand. They are now out to disrupt the European fintech ecosystem and aim to bring smart and user-friendly solutions to their users,” Antelop’s business development manager Danh Bui says.

“We are proud that Opera selected us as a partner for digital cards. We look forward to driving this partnership even further and to working on exciting projects together.”

“This strategic partnership brings an innovative and mobile-first approach to digital payments,” Antelop chief commercial officer Timothée Grüner adds. 

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