Piraeus Bank adds NFC payments to its mobile banking app

Piraeus Bank winbank pay NFC mobile banking and payments app
TOKENIZATION: Mobile banking customers can now add cards to Winbank Pay so they can pay via the app

PARTNER NEWS: Piraeus Bank has launched an NFC mobile payments service that uses Antelop Solutions’ digital card and tokenization platform to let customers digitize their Mastercard or Visa cards and make payments from directly within their mobile banking app.

The bank’s new Winbank Pay service enables customers with an NFC-enabled Android device to upload their cards quickly and easily and make purchases at the point of sale either with or without a network connection.

Piraeus Bank is the largest card issuer in Greece and has rolled out the service as part of a long-term partnership with Antelop that will “provide its customers with a large range of digital card and mobile payments solutions”.

“We have seen an immediate active usage from our customers of NFC mobile payments that we offered through Winbank Pay, our new service powered by Antelop,” Piraeus Bank’s director of cards business Nikos Petrakis says.

“Thus we decided to launch Winbank Pay directly through our mobile banking application for digitizing both Visa and Mastercard cards, using schemes’ tokenization.

“For the Winbank Pay project we cooperated with Antelop from the early beginning.

“Antelop teams are tokenization and digital cards experts, trustworthy and very effective in all aspects, resulting in a very successful partnership.

“The support team responded fast and efficiently in meeting our needs with direct access to key experts, as we had to change requirements during the project. This was because Winbank Pay is integrated directly into Piraeus’ banking app, increasing the required expertise in working harmoniously with the core digital banking services of the bank.

“In addition, the use of NFC technology in the mobile banking app offers a secure way to pay, provides more card control to the end-users and builds a mobile-first customer experience.

“It is essential to find a partner with such a level of cooperation like we have with Antelop and for this reason we are exploring new areas of partnership around digital cards.”

A short video contains more information about the new mobile payments service:

Piraeus Bank and Antelop Solutions first announced their long-term partnership in July 2018.

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