Pizzahacker rolls out QR self-serve ordering

A board with QR code and smartphone showing Square self-order app
SQUARE MEAL: Pizzahacker customers can now use QR code-based self-ordering on their mobile phone

Diners at the Pizzahacker restaurant in Mill Valley, California, can now use a self-serve feature to place their order on their mobile device by scanning a QR code and selecting what they want to eat and drink on the restaurant’s mobile-enabled ordering page.

Once the order is complete, it is relayed to the restaurant’s checkout and kitchen just like a conventional order ticket. A table identifier enables staff to deliver the meal to the correct customer.

Pizzahacker is one of the first restaurants to deploy the new self-serve ordering feature that Square has added to its Square Online e-commerce platform.

The feature has been developed so restaurants “can limit in-person contact, increase safety, improve order accuracy, and adapt to changing consumer preferences”.

“Self-serve ordering on Square Online has made it easy for guests to safely and seamlessly place orders using just their mobile phone and a QR code,” says Pizzhacker owner Jeff Krupman.

“In addition to keeping our staff and customers safe, the feature also helps improve efficiency, by making it easier to perform tasks like flagging down a waiter, paying the bills, splitting a check or even just reordering a drink.”

“By removing wait times and improving the process for handling payment between waiters and patrons, self-serve ordering can improve table turn times and reduce labour costs,” Square adds.

“The feature can also improve order accuracy when customers are in control of the ordering process, since no requests are lost in a game of telephone between the customer and the point of sale.” 

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