Walmart updates mobile app for contact-free transactions

A customer transacts using Walmart Pay
CONTACTLESS: Customers can now scan a QR code to initiate the payment process at Walmart

Walmart has updated its mobile app to remove the need for shoppers to make physical contact with a self-checkout station when paying with the retail giant’s QR-based Walmart Pay service.

“Checking out at Walmart will be completely contact-free on any register when you use Walmart Pay on the Walmart app in the coming week,” the company announced on 27 March.

“Previously, customers had to select a payment method by touching a screen on our self-checkouts. Now, all customers who have a smartphone can simply scan a QR code and Walmart Pay is synced, allowing customers to pay completely free of contact.”

“We’re in unprecedented times,” says Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer. “The way we’re all living and shopping is changing. We know customers want and need to be served differently. And, we’re moving quickly to adapt to those changing needs. It’s one way we can help to add some stability to our customers’ lives.”

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