Qatar triples contactless transaction limit

Banks in Qatar are raising the contactless transaction limit from 100 riyals (US$27.46) to 300 riyals (US$82.39), in a bid to limit the spread of Covid-19.

QNB Qatar logo - raises contactless limit

“For contactless purchases up to QAR 300 at selected POS terminals, and up to QAR 1,500 (US$411.97) cumulative at any merchant globally, no PIN entry is required,” QNB says.

Commercial Bank of Qatar has also implemented the increase and other banks are set to follow, local newspaper The Peninsula reports.

“Every time a customer performs a contactless transaction he gets informed immediately via SMS alerts. “This way, he knows all the time the transactions that were performed using cards.

“The ease of using these cards is prompting residents to go for cashless transactions.”

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