Dual NFC and QR mobile payments service launches in Pakistan

UnionPay, Huawei and National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) have launched a mobile payments service that lets owners of Huawei and Honor NFC phones use a single mobile wallet app to pay at any merchant equipped to accept either contactless or QR code payments.

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) green logo

“The dual payments function of UnionPay’s mobile payment products adds QR code-based payment on to contactless payment, and can be applied to any NFC-enabled smartphone,” UnionPay explains.

“With this function, users only need to link their card to their mobile phone once, and then access multiple mobile payment methods.

“They can link UnionPay cards issued by NBP to the mobile wallet app Huawei Pay and then can choose to make Tap&go or Scan&go payments as they like or according to the acceptance condition of a particular merchant.

“Additionally, users can access the payment function conveniently by fingerprint authentication, without having to open the app.”

The launch in Pakistan marks the first time that the service has been available outside China, UnionPay adds.

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