Nissan to build RFID payments into all cars sold in Brazil

Nissan and Sem Parar logos on a car windscreen
RFID-EQUIPPED: Sem Parar RFID tags enable Nissan car drivers to make in-vehicle payments

All Nissan vehicles manufactured in Brazil are to come factory-installed with Sem Parar RFID tags, enabling them to be used to make in-vehicle payments for electronic tolls, car parking, fuel and retail transactions — including at McDonald’s drive-thrus across the country.

Used vehicles sold by Nissan dealerships will also be retrofitted with Sem Parar’s RFID payments solution.

Sem Parar is accepted at all Brazilian toll booths and at more than 1,300 car parks and 650 fuel stations as well as at 300 McDonald’s drive-thrus.

To pay for a meal at a drive-thru, Sem Parar users simply tell the cashier that they wish to use the service to make payment and the transaction is automatically charged to their account.

“Nissan vehicles equipped with the Sem Parar tag will become available to consumers beginning in late 2019,” says Fleetcor, the US-based owner of Sem Parar.

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