Daimler pilots Truck Wallet that lets vehicles make their own payments

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AUTO PAY: Truck Wallet enables vehicles to make payments without driver involvement

Daimler Trucks has announced the successful completion of a proof-of-concept pilot of Truck Wallet, a machine-to-machine (M2M) payments service designed to enable vehicles to automatically pay for road tolls, electric charging and other services — without involving or interacting with the driver.

The system works by assigning vehicles their own digital identity, known as a Truck-ID, which is securely stored in a cryptographic processor built into each vehicle’s Truck Data Centre.

The vehicle can then use its Truck-ID, together with an associated Truck Wallet, to securely identify itself to other machines and to make payments.

Unique signature

“Trucks can identify themselves to other machines using their Truck-ID as if they had their own integrated ID card and can thus provide a unique signature for specific processes,” Daimler Trucks explains.

“The Truck Wallet works as a platform technology and central user program for all applications which can access the Truck-ID for various purposes.

“Truck-ID and Truck Wallet — both currently still in the prototype phase — are stored as encrypted software programs within a cryptographic processor. This processor is part of the Truck Data Center, the central telematics control unit of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros.

“Just like a real wallet, the Truck Wallet can hold cash for payments and additional cards such as fuel cards and loyalty cards — though all in digital form. The electronic information, which also includes any cash added, is stored directly in the Truck Wallet and can then be transferred to other machines by means of a Wi-Fi connection.

“This process is secured by means of checks on an online system. The radio technology is a component of the Truck Data Center.”

Digital confirmation

“Besides automation of processes, the biggest advantage of carrying out transactions with the Truck Wallet comes in conjunction with the Truck-ID,” the company adds.

“The Truck-ID digitally signs all processes of the Truck Wallet and thus serves as a confirmation that the transactions were actually made with the corresponding truck. Transactions are thus legitimated in this way.

“In conjunction with specific telematics data which are additionally stored — such as the current location of the truck — this system offers logistics companies and their business partners a high level of protection against scams.

“Generation of the individual Truck-ID is carried out using a proven asymmetrical cryptographic procedure. The secret component of the Truck-ID is thus unknown to Daimler Trucks, the suppliers of the processor and the Truck Data Center and the haulage firms themselves.”

Fully automated

For the pilot, Daimler Trucks worked with Commerzbank to conduct a fully automated payment between a Truck Data Center and an electric vehicle charging station.

“A fully built-up truck was not needed for this; as part of the pilot testing, the appropriate truck components – mainly the Truck Data Center, including the Truck-ID and Truck Wallet – were sufficient,” Daimler Trucks explains.

“Commerzbank is currently the only bank in Germany to have developed an e-payment system for this purpose. It is based on Corda, which is an established blockchain platform technology for transactions.

Traceable payments

“As part of the payments process, real money in digital, encrypted form is added to the Truck Wallet of the truck system in the form of e-euros. After a payment is made by the Truck Wallet, the money is uniquely identifiable thanks to the Truck-ID and is transferred to the recipient.

“The recipient can then request Commerzbank to transfer this e-money back to its own account. The transaction is validated and stored online by Corda.

“In this way, the truck owner can trace whether one of its vehicles has effected a payment. This process is already legally possible today as the system fulfils all the requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

“As part of this, the electronic cash is covered by means of a billing account with Commerzbank and any suspicious transactions can be detected and, in the case of doubt, be submitted to BaFin.”

Autonomous interaction

“With Truck-ID and Truck Wallet, we have laid the foundation for autonomous interaction between trucks and other machines — a true technological milestone,” says Dr Helge Königs, head of the company’s Truck Wallet project.

“Our aim is that, in future, trucks will be able to act on their own behalf in various fields of application. Drivers can then concentrate more on their actual driving tasks and haulage firms benefit from a significant reduction in administration work and more secure processes.

“This renders it practically impossible to carry out such things as fuel card scams, whereby criminals copy a fuel card and spy on the PIN being entered. Also, in terms of highly automated trucks, our prototypes show the direction in which such further developments can go.”

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